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Are You Thirsty for More?

thirsty girl

I, like many in my circle, am appalled by the state of the American political system. Civil, intelligent, well-reasoned discourse has given way to middle school playground posturing. (Having spent over 30 years dealing with adolescent antics, I recognize teenage politics when I see it.) Right now I cling to the truth of a Jill Briscoe quote from years ago, “Who is in the big white house is far less important than who is on the big, white throne.”

Thought about that quite a bit this week as I was pondering the prophet Isaiah’s words, “Come, everyone who is thirsty…” The words of Isaiah 55 come to a people in exile, confused, and a bit beaten down. The words come to remind them that there is a new King in town. The children of Israel would have recognized these words as a misarum edict. Whenever a new king came to power he would host a great banquet and proclaim release from all debts. Now, there’s a politician I could get behind. ☺

These words of Isaiah come to remind me of that same truth, the truth of Jill Briscoe’s quote, the truth of the gospel. I am especially fond of verses 2-3, “Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me and eat what is good and delight in rich food. Incline your ear and come to me; hear that your soul may live;” I love that our receiving the richness of God’s provision is tied to listening. I love that we have a God that so longs to speak to His people and provide for them things to delight in. Paul tells Timothy to charge people “not to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God who richly provides us with everything to enjoy…to take hold of that which is truly life.” (1 Timothy 6)

So come everyone who is thirsty and hungry for real life. There is a new King in town! "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come.' And let the one who hears say, 'Come.' And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life wihout price." Sounds like a good idea to me.

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