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Have a heart that wants to help with Kim's work? Here's how to make a financial contribution...

Kim is trusting the Lord for His daily provision. She was musing recently that if 200 people sent her $10 per month, she would be able to contine her work mentoring and sharing God's love without having to work full-time elsewhere. If you have been blessed by Kim's ministry and would like to contribute financially, either with a monthly gift or a one-time gift, there are three ways to do that listed below.


Tax deductible gifts for Kim's ministry are graciously being handled through Helping Hands, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts for Kind Intentions Ministries (K.I.M.) that are received by Helping Hands, Inc. go directly to her.


1. By check - It is important to make checks to "Helping Hands, Inc." and put K.I.M. on the memo line. Send checks to:


Helping Hands, Inc.

1241 Briar Creek Road

Charlotte, NC 28205


2. By automatic deposit from your bank account - With this method, we will draft the amount of your choice from your bank account on the first of every month. We will continue to do this monthly draft until you contact us with a notice to stop the bank drafts. To start this process please click the button below and print the "Recurring Donation Agreement."  Mail this form to Helping Hands, Inc. at the address above and they will start the drafts the following month. Please email us if you are unable to print the form and would like one mailed to you.

3. Through PayPal on-line - If you prefer, you can make donations using PayPal. Paypal does charge Kim a small percentage (about 3%) of the donation to pay for their services. It is easy to follow the steps at to set up an account with them if you do not have one already. Click the button below to donate through Paypal. You will be redirected to the Helping Hands, Inc. website which has a page to donate to Kim Kyle or Kind Intentions Ministries. You can either donate a one time gift (use "Donate" button) or set up recurring monthly donations (see the "Subcribe" button).

(through Helping Hands, Inc.)

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