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Kim Kyle and Francheska Gonzalez

Francheska Gonzalez:

It was August 2010 when Kim and I first met. I was a first year teacher at Charlotte United Christian Academy, and she was the high school Spanish teacher who quickly took me under her wing. My parents, although raised Catholic, were not ones who attended church outside of Christmas and Easter, or spoke openly about their faith. In fact, my father’s experience in Catholic school left him resenting the church and God long ago.


With that said, Kim entering my life was one the greatest gifts God ever gave me. She became and continues to be a spiritual influence I so desperately need, and God calls for us to have. She reminds me of His goodness. How he restores, comforts, strengthens, heals, guides and redeems those who love him. She is wise and intentional. Present in every conversation. Encouraging during difficult times. Willing to challenge you when necessary; and above all, someone who is praying for you every step of the way.


I never question her love for God’s kingdom or me. I only wish every one else was as fortunate to hear her wisdom and know her as I do.

Anne Hartman:

“The Holy Spirit speaks through Kim. She is present in the moment when she is speaking. God has blessed her with a passion to reach each person in the room.  I went home feeling as though she planned her entire presentation just for me. And the best thing she did for me was teach me to keep searching His Word and seeking God’s will for my life. “  ( Peace Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

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