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Kim Kyle, raised in the household of a career marine, learned early to "bloom where you're planted."  A life long Lutheran, Kim had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit at the age of 26. This "upper room" experience in her cousin's living room, caused a hunger for God's Word and began a quest to truly discover her identity in Christ and help others discover theirs as well.


Her quest has taken her to places as far afield as Scotland, Bolivia and Uganda. Each place brought fresh revelation, grace, and many lessons in love.  Kim has served the Lord in a variety of capacities including youth ministry, teaching, and directing discipling ministries. Her passion is to see people claim their spiritual inheritance by discovering their identities in Christ.


Christian ladies' speaker in cowboy hat
Words some have used to encourage Kim:  


"My life is so blessed by knowing you. You have blessed my daughter and even my husband! Please sing over me if you are around when I die and until then keep singing and showing me Jesus! Let's continue to live, love and laugh!"


- Loreta E.


The words you speak are spirit and they are life. Bless your listening so carefully to your heavenly Father."


- Jennifer H.


Never stop! I'm so thankful for your teaching and your openness to the Holy Spirit...for your honesty. I love you!  

P.S. I 'll make more pimento cheese!"


- Brenda M.

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