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Beautiful Dreamer

So I have learned to pay attention when there is a song in my heart even when it isn't a "christian" song. Even when it is an "American Parlor" song from 1864. A few weeks ago I couldn't quit humming the first few bars of "Beautiful Dreamer Wake Unto Me." When I finally sat to ask the Lord about it, it was a Kleenex festival and a new song came forth:

Beautiful Dreamer wake unto Me,

Rest in My goodness, see what I see,

Awaken in passion, walk in authority,

Beautiful Dreamer wake unto Me.

Because of hurts and disappointments, my passion has waned and I have been afraid to dream. I feel we are in a prophetic season in which the Holy Spirit is kissing His bride - awakening all that has been asleep inside. The church is a Sleeping Beauty that needs to awake and walk in the royal authority that is hers so His Kingdom can come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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